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Gloria Villas is the fourth one-level living community built by Golden Triangle Development LLC. And the first community in Radford, Virginia.  A very conscious and intentional effort has been made with each community in regards to neighborhood layout, home floor plans and aesthetics. A goal of easy, low-maintenance living, central to town is the result. Each community offers a home owners association to take care of lawn care and snow removal.  Some amenities include public utilities, sidewalks and street lighting. Truly neighborhoods where one can feel 'at home' very quickly.     

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Windsong Heights

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Community News

What does the HOA include?

  • Lawn Maintenance*

    • Grass Mowed

    • Aeration

    • Fertilization

    • Shrubs and Bushes

    • Mulch

  • Snow Removal**

  • Common Area Maintenance (Neighborhood signs, green space)

  • Review and Management of the Covenants and Restrictions

What is the price?

  • $80/month

  • $750 initial fee paid at closing

What examples of restrictions are monitored and enforced by the HOA Board?

  • Upkeep of home exterior and yards is paramount to ensure beauty of the entire neighborhood. Some of the examples are:

  • All front doors must be kept black (no repainting a different color)

  • No painting or changing the vinyl

  • No changing or adding shutters

  • No decorative covers or changed mailboxes

  • Flowers must be in pots not to impede the mower and not planted directly in the ground or mulch

  • Yard Art is restricted

  • No colored light bulbs or changing of the light fixtures

  • No changing of the house numbers

  • Please review restrictions and request architectural review if in


*See Lawn Maintenance Information Sheet and Snow Removal Process Sheet!

Can we have animals?

  • No more than TWO domestic pets are allowed. Pets must be on leashes and monitored when outside of the home. Pets should not be tied out. They should not be left in fenced area for ongoing time

  • No electrical fencing Can we have a fenced yard or privacy panel?


Can we have a fenced yard or privacy panel?

  • If you are interested in fencing/privacy panel, information regarding the vinyl fencing product and portion of the yard allowed can be provided. The Builder does not install fencing/privacy panel.
  • Fencing must be the approved vinyl fencing. It may not extend beyond the sides of the home nor in the front yard. Once the back yard is fenced, the HOA does not mow or maintain inside the fence. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to upkeep(i.e mow, etc).


Can we park on the side of the street?

  • The streets in Reagan’s Pointe are owned and maintained by the Town of Christiansburg. The HOA can’t restrict parking. We do have a restriction to inoperable and large work vehicles. (see covenants) We do; however, request that neighbors be courteous and park in their garages or driveways if at all possible and away from mailboxes.


Are exterior and/or interior lights replaced by the HOA?

  • Replacement of ALL lights are the responsibility of the Homeowner Are the roofs maintained/replaced?

Are the roofs maintained/replaced?

  • Roofs are rated for 30 year life and the current monthly fee does not cover replacement

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